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Bulk solids [New]



Gas Cleaning


Solvent Extraction

Slurry Handling

Solid Liquid Separation

Content release 19

Bulk solids [New]

First release of this technical area, comprising:

2 Mechanical conveyors [New]

1. Selection guide [New]

2. Survey of Screw and Vibratory Conveyors [New]

3. Design Guide for Screw Conveyors [New]

5 Valves [New]

1. Survey of Valves [New]

7 On-line Instrumentation [New]

1. Review of Moisture Measurement Methods [New]

2. Selection of Moisture Measurement Method [New]

3. Review of Level Measurement [New]

8 General

1. Techniques to Improve Bulk Solids Handling [New]

9 Powder-Powder Mixing [New]

1. State-of-the-Art Review [New]

10 Storage [New]

1. Survey of Storage Options for Bulk Solids [New]

2. Design Guide for Wet Bulk Solids in Hoppers, Silos, Bins and Bunkers [New]

11 Laboratory Measurement [New]

1. State-of-the-Art Review [New]

2. Survey of Shear Testers for Bulk Solids [New]

Literature references [New]


5 Crystallization applications [Updated]

5.1 Chiral [New]

8 Recommended procedures [New]

1.0 Introduction [New]

1.2.1 Library search: Organic crystallization [New]

1.2.2 Library search: Inorganic crystallization [New]

2.2.1 Concentration: Evaporation to dryness [New]

2.3.1 Solubility: General comments [New]

2.3.2 Solubility: Experimental strategy [New]

2.3.3 Solubility: Experimental apparatus [New]

2.3.4 Solubility: Sampling [New]

3.2.1 Solid: Optical microscopy [New]

3.3.1 Solid: Sieving [New]

3.4.1 Solid: Shape factors [New]

3.6.1 Solid: Filtration testing [New]

4.1.1 Equipment: Flow patterns [New]

4.1.2 Equipment: Mixing rates [New]

4.1.3 Equipment: Turnover time [New]

4.1.4 Equipment: Solids distribution [New]

6.0 Growth & nucleation: scoping [New]

6.1.1 Metastable zone width [New]

6.2.1 Controlled crystallization [New]

7.1 Chiral crystallization [New]

Literature references [Updated]


1 Introduction to drying technology [Updated]

Literature references [Updated]

Gas Cleaning

5 Depth & Rigid Filters [Updated]

2 State of the technology [New]

10 Applied Technology [Updated]

5 Removal of particles from gases at high temp. & pressure [New]

FS Filtration & Separation company database [Updated]

Literature references [Updated]



Literature references [Updated]


4 Classification [New]

Literature references [Updated]


Literature references [Updated]


Literature references [Updated]

Size reduction

Literature references [Updated]

Solvent Extraction

2 Fundamentals of Liquid-liquid Extraction [Updated]

1. Introduction [Updated]

2. Mass transfer with chemical reaction [Updated]

3. Surface phenomena [Updated]

4 Extraction Processes [Updated]

1. Introduction [Updated]

2. Metals recovery from scrap, wastes & effluents [Updated]

3. Metals extraction: theory & practice of complex formation [Updated]

6 Equipment [Updated]

1 Introduction [New]

2 Contactors [Updated]

4 Scale-up [Updated]

5 Column design [Updated]

9 Tank reactors [New]

Note: parts 6-8 have been temporarily withdrawn while they are updated. They will be included on the next release.

7 Related process technology [Updated]

5 Extraction processes for blowing contaminants from effluent streams [New]

8 Safety [Updated]

9 Recommended procedures [New]

1. Process development [New]

2. Phase equilibrium [New]

3. Interfacial tension [New]

4. Drop size measurement [New]

5. Contactor selection [New]

7. Settler prediction [New]

10. Mass transfer data [New]

11. Extractor troubleshooting [New]

12. Interface detection and control [New]

Literature references [Updated]

Slurry Handling

7 On-line Instrumentation [Updated]

6. Level: Selection [New]

10 Storage [New]

1 Slurry Tank Design [New]

2 Commercially-available Slurry Agitators [New]

11 Laboratory Measurement [New]

1 State-of-the-Art Review [New]

Literature references. [New]

Solid Liquid Separation

8 Filter Media [Updated]

2 Types & Application [Updated]

Literature references [Updated]

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