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Applied Rheology [New]

Bulks solids handling


Solvent extraction

Solid liquid separation

Content release 24

Applied Rheology [New]

1 Introduction to Industrial Rheology: [New]

1 Introduction [New]

2 Viscosity: [New]

4 Viscosity Measurement: Coaxial Cylinder Viscometry [New]

8 Viscosity Measurement: Tube Viscometry [New]

9 Shear Rate Estimation for Viscosity/ Flow Curve Measurement [New]

8 Instrumentation: [New]

3 Laboratory Viscometers: Calibration [New]

4 Laboratory Viscometers: Selection [New]

12 Rheological applications: [New]

3 Rheological Design for Suspending Solids [New]

4 Use of Particle Size Distribution to control slurry viscosity [New]

13 Recommended procedures: [New]

1 Coaxial Cylinder Viscometry [New]

14 Research reports: [New]

1 Prediction of End effect in Coaxial Cylinder Viscometry [New]

Bulks solids handling

1 Prime movers for Wet Bulks Solids:

1 Metering and Feeding [Updated]

3 Pneumatic conveying:

1 Systems and Components [Updated]

2 Gas-Solid Flows [Updated]

3 System Design [Updated]

4 System Operation [Updated]

5 Vacuum and Pressurised Air Systems (was BSH 3 1) [Updated]

8 General:

3 Terms relating to particle and bulk technology [Updated]

12 Particle segregation:

1 User Guide to Segregation (now includes the additional refs) [Updated]


1 Introduction to Drying Technology:

4 Technological update [New]

Solvent extraction

9 Recommended procedures:

15 Selecting and Evaluating Membranes and Membrane Modules for Non-Dispersive Extraction [Updated]

16 Rating and Sizing Sieve Tray Columns for Solvent Extraction [Updated]

17 Engineering for Drop Formation in Mixers and Columns [Updated]

18 Selecting Solvents for solvent extraction [Updated]

Solid liquid separation

8 Filter media:

2 Types & applications [Updated]

3 Selection of filter media [Updated]

4 Test procedures [New]

11 Instrumentation:

2 Slurries/sludge (pumpable materials) [New]

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