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Applied Rheology

General solids processing

Slurry handling

Content release 25

Applied Rheology

1 Introduction to Industrial Rheology:

2 Guide to fluid classification and characterisation [New]

2 Viscosity:

7 Disc viscometry [New]

3 Yield stress:

1 Introduction [New]

2 Review of measurement methods [New]

4 Thixotropy

1 Introduction to characteristics, models and measurement methods [New]

12 Rheological applications:

1 Effect of processing and handling on rheology [New]

General solids processing

5 Overall process design

2 Process development [New]

Slurry handling

8 General

3 Effects of particle size and PSD on slurry handling [New]

11 Pipeline design

2 Slurry flow loops [New]

There have also been minor updates to the literature references with improved explanations.

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