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Applied Rheology


Slurry Handling

Solid Liquid Separation

Content release 26

Applied Rheology

2 Viscosity:

1 Introduction [New]

8 Measurement: Cone-and-plate viscometry [New]

10 Measurement: Tube viscometry [Updated]

9 Suspension rheology:

3 Chemical basis of suspension rheology [New]

12 Rheological applications

1 Effect of processing and handling on rheology [New]

3 Use of rheological data in quality control and product formulation [New]


1 Introduction to Drying Technology

2 Drying fundamentals [Updated]

4 Technological update [Updated]

Slurry Handling

4 Gravity transfer of slurries in open channel flow

1 Review of pseudohomogeneous non-Newtonian open channel flow [New]

2 Review of settling slurry open channel flow [Updated]

11 Measurement of bulk properties

2 Slurry flow loops [New]

Solid Liquid Separation

2A Cake filtration

9 Dewatering of filter cakes [from SAR 6]

10 Washing of cakes and thickened slurries [from SAR 50]

11 The sizing of vacuum filters [from DR 20]

12 Dewatering by gas blowing [from DR 25]

13 Performance improvement [New]

9 Ancillary processes

1 Flocculation/coagulation [Updated]

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