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I’ve registered, but I can’t see any content.

“You are already logged in on another connection”

Access problems

I’ve registered, but I can’t see any content.

Some companies license content by Named Users. These are specific individuals who have access to one or more technical areas. If you try to look at content in an area and your company only has Named Users, you need to be allocated one of the Named licences first.

Any company administrator can do this using the Named tab on the company administration pages. Follow this sequence:

1. On the login page, fill in your name and password as usual, but also enter your company admin code and click on the Administrator Login button.

2. On the administration page, click on the Named tab.

3. You should see two tables. The first lists the current Named licence allocation, and the second lists the registered users and available licences. On the second table, highlight one or more users and one or more technical areas, then click on the Allocate button.

4. The page should refresh with the updated licence allocations. If some allocations could not be made (e.g. available licences all used up), then a message indicating the problems will also appear.

5. The newly-allocated users will be able to access the new content when they next login. If they are already logged in, they should select the Logout option from the account menu at the bottom, and then login again.

“You are already logged in on another connection”

The system is designed to prevent multiple logins from different machines using the same account information.

If you get the above message when you’re connecting from the same machine, check that your system is configured to accept cookies from the web site.

If you wish to browse from a second machine, then make sure you log-out from the system on your first machine before using the second. To log-out, select the Logout option from the Account menu in the bottom bar.

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